Beatitude Game: Bowling for Beatitudes

Beatitude game bowling for catechism lesson at

Play this fun Beatitude game to review the application of the Beatitudes to real life. After listening to a prompt about one of the Beatitudes, players must try to knock down that particular pin. The prompts are all examples that upper elementary students can relate to.

The pins are made from drink mix containers like Crystal Lite and once made they can be used from year to year. This game is appropriate for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. It is part of the 4th grade lessons on Beatitudes and it could also be used with the 5th grade lesson on Beatitude footsteps.

Supplies for the Beatitude Game:

  • 8 Beatitude pins made from Crystal Light or other drink mix containers
  • 2 foam balls
  • Write one Beatitude on each container. For printed labels, use this pdf printable with appropriately sized lettering for drink mix containers. I printed the pdf onto transparency film for a clean look.
Label template to print and place on containers (pdf)

Setup of the Beatitude Game:

  • Line up the Beatitude pins in a straight line. 
  • Determine a bowling line about 6 feet away from pins.

To Play the Beatitude Game:

  1. Divide class into 2 teams, Have teams line up in a straight line.
  2. The first two people in their team’s line get a ball and stand at the predetermined bowling line.
  3. Catechist reads a Beatitude prompt from below (see next section).
  4. The two people bowling must roll their ball to try to knock down the pin that the Beatitude statement is about.  They may consult their team members for help at which pin to target.  They must say “Blessed are the ________________” as they roll their ball.
  5. One point for the team IF they are successful at knocking the right one down (if other pins are knocked down that is OK.)
  6. Pins are reset and then the next people in line get to bowl.

Beatitude Prompts:

Use the prompts listed below or go to my store in Teachers Pay Teachers for a google slide presentation of the prompts.

Google slide example of a Beatitude Game Bowling
See my store in TeachersPayTeachers for a cool Google slides presentation of the prompts.
  1. Forgiving and kind to those who have harmed us. [Merciful]
  2. Determined to help everyone get along and not fight. [Peacemakers]
  3. Living with clean thoughts, words, and desires.  [Clean of Heart]
  4. Never being snotty to others and being patient when others get the attention. [Meek]
  5. Laughed at when you move a recycling item from the regular garbage to the recycling bin. [Persecuted for the sake of Righteousness]
  6. Participating in a march against an unjust law.  [Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness]
  7. Being sad when you sin and then promise to do better. [Mournful]
  8. Living putting your faith fully in  God and knowing power comes from him. [Poor in Spirit]
  9. Standing up to a bully who is name calling someone on the bus.  [Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness]
  10. Reading from the Bible and trying to use the Scriptures as a guideline for thought. [Clean of Heart]
  11. Being teased by your classmates that you are trying to be the teacher’s pet when you clean up the work tables for her without being asked. [Persecuted for the sake of Righteousness]


Beatitudes Poster for Ledge Paper at
Beatittude poster

Display a poster of the Beatitudes as you play for reference See this post for posters that you can print to a size that works for you.

To review some other real-life applications of the Beatitudes, see my lesson on The Way Part 3: Beatitude Footsteps.

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