Holy Spirit Wind Game

This Holy Spirit game is designed to help 1st and 2nd graders conceptualize one of the best symbols of the Holy Spirit–wind. Kids will get a sense of the power of the Holy Spirit as they generate wind to move the “Holy Spirit filled” cotton balls around a playing arena. They must blow them to the pretend people at the edge of the arena. This wonderful game is very appropriate to play during a lesson on Pentecost.

Introduce game:

The Holy Spirit moves us all.  It helps us do good deeds and make good decisions.  Your goal is to blow the Holy Spirit balls to the mini-people in the defined arena!

Supplies for Holy Spirit Wind Game:

  • 1 red and 1 blue rigid pieces of cardboard to serve as flappers to create wind
  • 1 red and 1 blue cardboard end zone strips with small stand-up cardboard people posted on them (I found the mni-people from an old board games but you can make your own out of cardboard)
  • 6 cotton balls marked with red, orange and yellow Sharpie colors to make them look on fire

Setup the Arena:

  1. Go to a large open space.
  2. Make a small arena with by placing the colored end zone strips about 20 ft. apart.  Place the cardboard people at various locations on the strips.
  3. Scatter the 6 cotton balls in the middle of the arena between the 2 end zones strips.
Setup of Holy Spirit winds game at catechismangel.com
Setup of playing arena for Holy Spirit winds game

To Play the Holy Spirit Wind Game:

  1. Pick 2 kids at a time to compete against each other.
  2. Give one kid the blue rectangular flapper and the other the red rectangular flapper. The blue flapper is assigned the blue end zone and the red flapper is assigned the red end zone.
  3. At the command of “Go”, have them flap their rectangle flappers to blow the cotton ball flames to their assigned end zone.  If a cotton ball lands outside the arena, it stays there and is officially out of play.
  4. After 15 seconds OR  after all the cotton balls are located in either end zones or outside the arena area, say “Stop”.   Give 1 point for each cotton ball in their assigned end zone.
  5. Reset the game by placing cotton balls back into the center.
  6. Continue another round with the 2 next two people.

Alternative approach:  Divide class into a blue team and a red team.  Tally overall scores for both teams.

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