Virtues Game: Faith, Hope and Charity Clothespin Drop

Virtues game, Faith, Hope, and Charity game,
Demonstration of Faith, Hope, and Charity Clothespin Game

The three theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity are to be lived. This virtues game for 3rd to 5th graders reinforces the need to have these 3 virtues in our lives. A series of prompts are asked in which players have to figure out which virtue applies to various acts and thoughts. If they drop the clothespin in the jar of the correct answer a point is earned.


  • 3 mason sized jars (plastic parmesan cheese containers work well) with labels of faith, hope and charity
  • 12 wooden clothespins with various prompts involving Faith, Hope, and Charity written on them & stored in a bag (see prompts used in bottom section)
  • 1 chair with a back 


  1. Place the 3 labeled jars on the floor behind the chair (underneath its back-side).  See picture.
  2. Divide class into 2 teams.
  3. Have the team members line-up single file.
  4. Explain rules:
    • Must kneel on the chairs! No standing on chairs allowed!
    • Must place chin on chair back and drop from the clothespins from their nose so there is less opportunity to cheat.

To Play:

  1. The first player in a team picks a clothespin out of the bag and reads what is written on it out loud.  Team members can give advice for which jar it should go into (either Faith, Hope or Charity).  Note:  For some pins 2 different jars can be correct answers.
  2. Then he/she kneels on the chair leaning over the chair back and drops the clothespin from his/her nose with his/her chin touching the chair top.  The goal is to make the clothespin land in the right jar.
  3. If it lands in the right jar, that team earns a point.  Keep tally marks on white board.
  4. Continue repeating steps #1-3 with each team taking turns with the next person in line.
  5. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Clothespin Prompts for Virtues Game:

  1. Saying bedtime prayers [Act of Faith]
  2. Believing that God is all powerful [Act of Faith]
  3. Reading the Bible to learn about Jesus’ life [Act of Faith]
  4. Learning about God by going to Mass [Act of Faith]
  5. Desiring forgiveness when you do something wrong [Act of Hope]
  6. Trusting that if you lose your entire house God will take care of you [Act of Hope]
  7. Trusting that God will heal you when you are sick [Act of Hope and Faith]
  8. Longing to be in heaven with God when you die [Act of Hope and Faith]
  9. Smiling at someone on the bus who is grumpy [Act of Charity]
  10. Using your allowance to buy a Christmas gift for the poor [Act of Charity]
  11. Giving canned food to the food shelf [Act of Charity]
  12. Putting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher [Act of Charity]
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