Fishing for Disciples Game for Catechism

This arcade like-game that works well for catechism lessons when covering Luke 5:1-11 or Mark 1:16-19. In these Scripture readings, Jesus calls Peter and his other disciples to follow him.

And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

[Mark 1:17]

The goal is to fish and catch one of the 12 disciples using a pole made from a canning ring attached by string to a yardstick. Kids will think right away the challenge is easy, but it is difficult due to the long lever arm of the pole. There is little precise control because a little wiggle of the end of the pole makes the canning ring move a lot!

Fishing for Disciples Game image of the Apostles on each bottle at
Fishing for Disciples Game to go with Mark: 1-17

Supplies of the Fishing of Disciples Game:

  • 12 heavy bottles the shape of beer bottles or wine coolers
  • Laminated cutouts of the 12 Disciples rubber-banded to the bottles
  • 2 Fishing poles made of a yard stick, a 3 feet piece of string and a wide-mouth canning lid

Setup of the Fishing for Disciples Game:

  1. Divide the class into 2 teams
  2. Divide the Disciple bottles between the 2 teams.

To Play Fishing for Disciples Game:

  1. Line each team in front of their group of 6 bottles
  2. Give the first person in each line a “canning ring fishing pole”. 
  3. Designate a timer and a point recorder.
  4. Give each person 1 minute to try to get the ring on as many Disciples bottles as possible.   Remove the Disciple bottle from play once caught.
  5. The next person in line is to try to catch remaining Disciple bottles.
  6. If a team catches all bottles before the last person is finished with their turn, then reset the bottles and then that team gets bonus for each additional Apostle caught.

Easier Variation:

If it is too difficult, move the bottles close enough to each other so they touch each other.

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