How Big Was Jesus’ Sacrifice? Reflection

Jesus’s life was all about sacrifice. His model of the ultimate sacrifice by his death on a cross showed us how big God’s love is. This activity is designed to help children in 4th- 5th grade reflect deeper on the significance of Jesus’ crucifixion by thinking about what sacrifices they would make for a friend.

I recommend incorporating this activity as part of a lesson on Holy Week or on Jesus’ death. The guided discussion questions to use after filling the sheet will help students make discoveries toward why Jesus died for us.

Jesus’ Sacrifice Worksheet to Print

Jesus' sacrifice activity, Holy week reflection,
This half page reflection has a fold line so that a privacy cover can be created


  1. Make your classroom environment reflective. Play some prayerful music.
  2. Distribute copies of the worksheet “How Big Was Jesus’ Sacrifice?” to the students.
  3. Request that all students fold their sheet in half for privacy sake.
  4. Ask them to check the boxes for what sacrifices they would do for a friend.

Guided Reflection Questions by Catechist:

  • Do you like to give up stuff?
  • Have you ever given up an activity you love like a video game?
  • Why is it important to make sacrifices?
  • Show pictures of missionaries, doctors, firemen, veterans and other people who have made sacrifices. What do they give up? Example answers:
    • What would a missionary give up? Their homes, money, family, freedom.
    • What would a firemen give up? Their free-time, their freedom to travel when on call.

Wrap-Up Point:

The example of Jesus’ sacrifice by dying for us shows that we are called to make sacrifices to help others, especially in times of need.

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