Holy Week Game: Events of the Triduum

Events of the Triduum File Folder Game, Catechism Game, Catechism Activity. Holy Week

A wonderful interactive way to review Holy Week and the Triduum is to have 4th and 5th students sort the Triduum events by days they occurred. This free printable makes it super easy to pull an activity like that off. Simply print the template and cut the event slips apart.

Why not make full classroom sets of this Triduum activity so that it can be a speed game that pairs of students can play against each other? AND If you mount the game board on a file folder and store the slips in a ziploc bag, the game is ready to play from year to year! This activity is part of my 4th grade lesson on Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Events of the Triduum File Folder Game, Catechism Activity

Prep for the Triduum Activity:

Download and print out the two page Events of the Triduum pdf on cardstock. Cut the events on page 2 into slips. Store slips in a plastic bag. If desired, glue the event board to inside of a file folder.

Keep a copy of Page 2 handy because it also serves as the answer key.

Tip: If you are making multiple copies, print page 2 on different colors of cardstock so it is easier to have each folder game be separate.

Holy week game to sort Triduum events. catechism activity
Page 1: Event board for Holy Week game
Holy week game slips and answers, Triduum events. catechism activity
Page 2: Slips and answer key for Holy Week game

Directions for the Holy Week File Folder Game:

  1. Divide class into groups of 2.
  2. Give each group an “Events of the Triduum” folder game board and a plastic bag of events.
  3. Ask them to order the events and put them under the correct day. First team finished wins.

Alternative: Events of Holy Week ON-LINE Review Game

This file folder activity has been made into an interactive on-line game located in my store in TeachersPayTeachers.

See my store in TeachersPayTeachers for this Google slide game

For each question, a player must choose the correct day that the Holy Week event occurred. A question must be answered correctly before moving to the next question. Each time a question is answered correctly, an Easter lily is earned. The lily is added to a cross to show the beauty of how Jesus’ death on a cross conquered death and gave us new life. If an answer is wrong, a player gets to try again.

The game can be played independently (at home learning), with partners cooperatively, or as a race between teams.

Sample question format in the on-line game.
Sample slide if the question is answered correctly.
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