Easter Symbols Game: Pictionary

Knowledge and understanding of Easter symbols is important to help students take a step towards learning in a deeper sense the significance of Jesus’ Resurrection. This interactive Easter symbols game is targeted to 1st graders and it allows them to be engaged in that process in a fun way.

Supplies for the Easter Symbols Game:

  • Classroom white board and white board marker (for large group setting)
  • Paper and pencil (for a group of 3 or less)

Directions for the Easter Symbols Game:

  1. Draw an Easter symbol from the list below.
  2. Once a student has successful guessed what you have drawn, ask them why it is an Easter symbol. 
  3. Use the information below as your guide to explaining why the object is an important Easter symbol


Easter egg:

Easter Egg Sketch for Easter Symbol Game at CatechismAngel.com

What it means:

  • symbolizes new life
  • a baby chick is growing inside

Why a symbol for Easter:

  • Jesus gives us a newer happier life when we have faith in him
  • Jesus gives us hope in new life after death when he opened the gates of heaven for us!

Baby Chick:

Sketch of a chick for Easter Symbol Game Pictionary at CatechismAngel.com

What it means:

  • symbolizes growth because chick does a lot of growing inside the egg
  • symbolized new life when it emerges

Why a symbol for Easter:

  • we can grow in our faith the same way the chick grows inside the egg
  • Jesus gives us new life in heaven

Easter Candle:

Easter candle, Easter symbol pictionary, catechismangel.com

What it means:

  • candle gives us light
  • light helps us see our way when there is darkness

Why a symbol for Easter:

  • Jesus is considered to be the light of the world
  • When Jesus rose from the dead, he took away darkness and continues to lead us to light
  • For more info see this post

Easter Lily

Easter lily. Easter symbol game pictionary for use in Easter pictionary at CatechismAngel.com

What it means:

  • beautiful flower that blooms to new life every spring
  • white color symbolizes purity, honesty and everything nice

Why a symbol for Easter:

  • the pure white symbolizes the pure white of Jesus’ resurrection garments
  • the white color also represents Jesus’ purity
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