Beatitude Activity: Can you unscramble them?

To help keep each Beatitude set intact, print each on a different color of paper.

The wording of the Beatitudes can seem very cryptic to elementary age children. This Beatitude activity is designed to help demystify them. The Beatitudes are important to our faith. I like to teach students about how they instruct us to have “beautiful attitudes” or “BE” attitudes. When we hold their “Beatitude attitudes” truly in our hearts, they help us live a much more happy life. And we live so much closer to the law of love that Jesus commanded.

This hands-on Beatitude activity emphasizes a few key concepts of the Beatitudes. First, it is reinforced that they all start with “Blessed are the/they…” wording. Second, the activity strengthens their knowledge that all the Beatitudes have a 2 part structure. The first part is the “action” and the second part is the “reward”.


  • Print out the Beatitude words on cardstock using this printable template.
  • Cut out each Beatitude and put in separate Ziploc bags or envelopes.  
  • Print out one of the free printable posters of the Beatitudes and post for all to see.

Template for Beatitude Activity

Beatitude Word Unscramble Template printable for Catechism Angel at
Template for the Beatitude Activity of unscrambling the wording


  1. Depending on your size of group and their needs, have the children work individually or in pairs.
  2. Give each child or pair one ziploc bag/envelope containing the words for one Beatitude.
  3. Ask them to call you over when the words are in the correct order so you can verify.
  4. When finished have them re-gather the slips back in the bags/envelopes an then trade envelopes with each other so everyone can try another one.
Beatitude activity example for unscrambling words for catechism activity at
Example 1: Blessed are they who mourn
Beatitude activity example for unscrambling words for catechism activity at
Example 2: Blessed are the merciful

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