Being familiar with the 7 sacraments is an integral part of being a Catholic. I like using this fun cooperative learning sacrament game at the end of any lesson focused on sacraments. Teams race to toss foam disks labeled with the 7 sacraments into the appropriate containers. Can they make the appropriate targer?

Sacrament Sort Game

Once you have gathered supplies, it will take about 1 hour to put the final touches on them. But the time investment pays off as you can use the game from year to year. The foam can be obtained by cutting up old foam mattress supports. For the plastic bins, I used the large disposable salad bins found that are sold in large warehouse stores and taped on these labels. This sacrament game is most appropriate for 3rd to 5th graders but it could be adapted for younger grades. The foam disks make it 100% safe for any age!

Supplies for Sacrament Game:

Labels for Sacrament Game Sacrament Sort at

• 2 sets of 7 foam disks that have a colored label with the name of one of the Sacraments
• 3 small plastic bins labeled “Sacraments of Initiation”, “Sacraments of Service”, and “Sacraments of Healing” by printing this template
• Tossing line strips made out of colored paper

Setup of Sacrament Game:

• Find an area with some open space.
• Line the bins up next to each other.
• Place the tossing line strips about 10 feet away.

Objective of Sacrament Game:

Earn the most points.

  • 1 point is given for a disc in the correct bin
  • 1 point is subtracted for a disc in the wrong bin
  • 1 point is given to the team that finishes throwing all 7 discs first.
  • No points are given for a disc that ends up on the floor and not in a bin.

To Play:

  1. Divide the kids into 2 groups.
  2. Have the kids line up single file by group behind their assigned tossing line.
  3. Give each group a set of foam discs (of one tape color) which they should divide among their members.  If less than 7 kids per team, then give the people in the beginning of the line more than one foam disc.
  4. At the start of go, ONE PERSON AT A TIME tries to toss their discs into the appropriate bin.
    • If they miss a bin they can pick it up, return to the line, and toss again. 
    • If the disc makes it into a bin, the disc stays in that bin even if it is wrong.
    • Each person can toss their specific disc a maximal of 3 times.
  5. Once all 7 discs on a team have been tossed, count the discs in the right bins. Subtract a point for discs in the wrong bin. Give 1 point to the team that finishes throwing first. The team with the most points wins. 
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