Creation Lesson Plan for 3rd Grade

Creation story sample pages, creation activity

Key Points of the Creation Lesson:

We believe God created the world out of love for us.  The beauty of our world leads us to him.

Vocabulary for the Creation Lesson:

create, Apostles, creed, Apostles’ Creed

Materials Needed:

  • Children’s Bible
  • Beautiful nature photographs from old calendars OR a device to show a Google Slide presentation
  • Pages of the book “The Creation Story” printed on card stock

Opening Dialogue:

What does “to create” mean?
Have you heard these words before?:  “I believe in God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth”

  • What prayer are these words from?……[Apostles’ Creed]
  • Who were the Apostles?…….[Jesus’ close followers]
  • Are you an Apostle?……[Yes! I choose to follow Jesus]
  • What is a creed?……[Tells us what people believe; and we believe God created the world]

 God was able to create something out of nothing.
Let’s read the story in the Bible on how God did this.

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2:3

Open up a children’s Bible and show how this story is from the very beginning the Bible in the book of Genesis.

Read out loud Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 from the Children’s Bible.

Have your Co-catechist writes this shorthand notation on white board as the story is read:

1st daylight
2nd daysky and water
3rd dayland, plants, and trees
4th daymoon, sun, stars
5th dayfish, birds
6th dayland animals, man, woman
7th day(God rested)
Example whiteboard table for catechist to fill-out as the Creation Story is read.

Discuss Scripture:

  • What does it mean that “God created man and woman in his image”?
    • In other words, if you drew a picture of God what would it look like?
    • Is he male or female?
  • Why are the words “And he saw that it was good” repeated?
    • God doesn’t create junk
    • everything on Earth is special
    • it is important  to care for Creation to keep because it is good
  • What does the 7th day of rest tell us?
    • to give our Sundays to God
    • no one should do unnecessary work on Sundays
    • do family activities together on Sundays

Explore Nature Photographs:

Show a few photographs of beautiful scenes in nature.  A great source of these are old calendars or you can show this Google Slide presentation.

As you show them, use these prompts:

  • Do you feel close to God when you are in nature?
  • What is the greatest part of creation?
  • Which photograph speaks to you?

Extension: Direct each child pick a nature photograph and write a short response about how the photograph makes them appreciate God’s work,

Activity: Make Creation Story Book

Creation story sample pages, creation activity
Creation lesson plan, free printable creation story,

Creation Story Book pages to work on a class project. Print on card stock.

Randomly hand out one page of the “The Creation Story” book to each student so they can illustrate and color with markers and pencils.

  • If less than 12 kids, skip passing out pages 11 and 12.
  • If more than 12 kids, use the multiple copies of pages 11 and 12 so each kid gets their own (or have 2 kids work on one page)
  • If less than 10 kids, give some kids more than 1 page.

When the pages are complete, either staple them into a class book or post them in order in a hallway or on a bulletin board.

Closing Prayer for the Creation Lesson:

Gather in a circle.  Instruct everyone to respond “We thank you God for the gift of creation” when going around the circle and having everyone mention their favorite part of creation.

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