Free Printable Creation Worksheet: Story Analysis

This free printable creation worksheet is part of my Creation Lesson for 4th and 5th graders. By analyzing the stories repetitive language and by looking for what we feel are the most important verses, we learn some profound things about God.

Complete the Creation Story Analysis Worksheet

  1. Pass out to each child the handout (which contains the text of a children’s Biblical version of Genesis 1:1-2:2 ) along with a highlighter.
  2. Ask them to first silently read the story on their own.
  3. Then do 2 things
    • Highlight the 2 sentences that are the most important ones in this Bible passage.
    • Circle the words “was good“, “it was good”, and “it was very good” every time they appear.
Creation Story Analysis Worksheet for 4th and 5th Grade at

Creation Story worksheet for 4th and 5th graders to explore the meaning of the text at a deeper level

Discuss Worksheet Interactively

Pair Share Worksheet

Divide class into pairs and have each person show their partner what they highlighted as the most important phrases and how many times they found ” … was good”. Did they each find the 7 times it appears?

Go around the room and ask pairs to share with the whole group what they felt were the most important phrases.

Discussion of Themes:

After summarizing to the class verbally whether there were patterns to which phrase seemed to be most important, discuss these 3 themes together as a class.

Theme 1: God saw that IT WAS GOOD.

God was very pleased with his creation. Seven times throughout the process of creating, God stopped, observed his handiwork and saw that IT WAS GOOD.   What is the significance of this? Possible answers:

  • God doesn’t make junk.
  • God made us and is pleased with us even when we don’t feel worthy of his love.
  • We are called to take care of creation and keep it good.

Theme 2: On the seventh day, GOD RESTED.

It’s hard to understand why God would need to rest, but apparently he considered rest important.
What significance is this for us?

  • These words remind us that we need to use Sundays to go to Church to honor Him.
  • It also tells us that we need to make Sunday be a day focused on family not work. What do you do as a family on Sundays?

Theme 3: God created us in HIS LIKENESS!      

Many people consider the verse that says “God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them….” the most important one. We are Images of God. What does that mean to us? Possible responses:

  • Humans are the most special of creatures and each of us are extra special to God
  • We should be inspired to live as more perfect people because being created in his image we have that potential. (What part of you is God-like?)
  • So if you drew God what would he look like?

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