“Images of God” Sticker Tag Game

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One key focus of my lesson on the Creation Story is how we are created in the “Image of God.” This phrase is essential to our faith to understand how special we are in God’s eyes.

This “Images of God” game is a fun way to reinforce this concept. Use it as the end of a lesson on Creation or as part of a VBS game. Each kid is given a set of 10 stickers that say “I.O.G.” They must tag as many people as possible with these stickers. The game works well for groups of 6 or more.

Supplies for Images of God game

Print on Avery 3160 labels (Download pdf or docx)

• Adhesive address labels/stickers with IOG written on them and cut into groups of 10. Feel free to use this template (pdf or docx) for printing on Avery 5160 labels.
• 4 Paper plates

How to Play Images of God game

  1. Quickly divide the class into two teams by color of shirt (e.g. dark colored shirts vs. light colored shirts).
  2. Setup an arena in the grass that will be the playing field. Use the paper plates to define the corners.
  3. Explain to the kids that they must stay inside the marked arena the whole game. If they run outside of the arena, they are immediately out of the game and then they must spend the remaining time sitting down on the sidelines.
  4. Discuss that the goal is to get as many stickers on the backs of the opposing team members as possible. STICKERS CANNOT BE PUT ON HAIR. Anyone with long hair should tuck it inside their shirts. When they attach a sticker to someone, they should yell “Image of God
  5. Pass out a set of stickers to each child. Have everyone enter the arena. Give the command to start.
  6. When most players have used up their stickers say “Stop”.
  7. Line everyone up and count the stickers on each kid’s backs. Stickers on hair do not count .Total the amounts for each team.
  8. Declare a winner to the team that was most successful.
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