Free Printable Beatitude Fill-In Worksheet for 4th and 5th Grade

I hope you love teaching the Beatitudes as much as do. This Beatitude Fill-In worksheet works really well for 4th and 5th graders when used as part of my Beatitude lesson. I emphasize that the Beatitudes can really be thought of as the”BE”attitudes. They are internal attitudes that help us live as Jesus intends us to live. By following them, we will BE our best selves.

Teach this worksheet as a whole group exercise. Use the table below the worksheet to guide the students in the discussion on what the Beatitudes are all about. Don’t forget to print the answer key. And if you would like a Beatitude poster for your classroom to facilitate discussion, I have free ones in different sizes.

Free Printable Beatitude Fill in Worksheet

Beatitude Fill-In Worksheet at

Use this worksheet as a whole group activity. The guide below will help you give an overview.

Use Beatitude Examples and Shorthand when teaching

Students need help understanding their confusing wording. After I pass it worksheet out, I talk about each Beatitude verbally using the examples listed in the table below in the second column . As I do that I write on the write board a shorthand way to refer to the Beatitude. Then the students can choose something I’ve written on the whiteboard to finish the statement “BE ____________________” on the worksheet.

Poor in SpiritAcknowledge God is much greater and more powerful than us
Our possessions are not important compared to God
BE empty (poor) of power because true power comes from God
BE embracing of the need for God
MournfulFeeling sad when seeing and experiencing evil in the world
Experience deep grief over sin
BE a comforter, be caring
BE sorry for your sins
MeekHave humility, be quiet
Give others credit,
Knowing we are not so high and mighty that we cannot help the poor
BE humble
BE gentle
BE calm
Hunger and Thirst for RighteousnessDesire for the world to be fair (get upset at unfair play in sports)
Help get rid of injustice
Do the right thing even when hard
BE ready to always the right thing
BE fair
MercifulTruly forgive someone
Show compassion to those in need
BE forgiving
BE compassionate
Clean of HeartDo not think about bad things
Have pure thoughts
Be good on the inside
BE full of good thoughts
BE full of love
PeacemakersDecide to get along
Let go of a grudge
BE peaceful
BE a healer/reconciler
Persecuted for the sake of RighteousnessGet mocked for standing up for what you believe in.
Tell others about Jesus even though they laugh at you
BE active when you see unfairness

Feel free to print the worksheet and a teacher’s handy reference answer sheet which contains all the table information.

Beatitude Fill-In Worksheet Answers and Guide at

Print this teacher’s guide to use a reference for explaining what the Beatitudes are all about.

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