Beatitude Lesson Plan for 4th and 5th Grade

This dynamic Beatitude lesson plan for 4th or 5th grade contains Scripture, a meaningful worksheet, interactive activities and a fun game.

Key Points of Beatitude Lesson Plan

Jesus gave us the Beatitudes in his Sermon on the Mount. They are a set of directions that help live a happy life. We build up the Kingdom of God here on earth when we live by them.


Beautitudes Sermon on the Mount catechism lesson 4th and 5th grade at
  • Beatitudes
  • Sermon on the Mount


Opening Discussion

Show the poster of the Beatitudes and explain that class will be focused on learning these teachings of Jesus.

What is an attitude?…… [your feelings or emotions about something]
When someone has an attitude how do they act?…… [sometimes uppity, uncooperative, etc.]
What do our attitudes say about what is going on inside of us?…… [they let others know whether we are happy or unhappy]
What are the Beatitudes?…… [Directions on how to live a happy Christian life; A Beatitude is a “Be Like Jesus” attitude]
Why can they be thought of as BE-attitudes?……[We should live or “BE” using them as our internal attitudes ]
What words do they start with? ……[Blessed are the…]
What form do they take?…… [Action…..Reward][Jesus promises us that if we have attitudes like Him, we’ll have the reward of being HAPPY]

Scripture: Matthew 5: 6:9

Explain that the Beatitudes are found in the Bible in the Sermon on the Mount. During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave us the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, and other important instructions on how to live.

Instruct everyone to find Matthew 5: 6-9 in their Bibles. Read the Beatitudes outloud together.

Scripture Discussion Questions

Why do many people like having them start with the word “Happy” better than the word “Blessed”?
[because if you live them in your heart they make you happy]
Are they easier to follow than the 10 Commandments?
[typically no]
[we may be willing to do the right thing but hard to do the right thing with a happy heart]

Worksheet: Beatitudes Are “BE”attitudes

In order to explain what each Beatitude is about, use the Beatitudes Are “BE”attitudes worksheet as a large group activity. All details for using this worksheet are found on this post.

Beatitude Fill-In Worksheet at

Beatitudes Fill-In Worksheet

Worksheet: Beatitude Match

As a review exercise have each student do the Beatitude Match worksheet individually. All details for using this worksheet are found on this post.

Beatitude Match Worksheet Catechism Lesson Grade 4 and 5 at

Beatitudes Match Worksheet

Activity: Beatitude Word Unscramble

Use the Beatitude word activity as a quick review. All details can be found on this post. The activity is based upon passing out prepared ziploc bags of Beatitudes to have students unscramble them to discover a Beatitude.

Game: Bowling for Beatitudes

Make some room or go to a larger space so you can play Bowling for Beatitudes. Directions on how to make this game and play it are found on this page.

Beatitude Lesson game called bowling for Beatitudes by Catechism Angel for

Closing Prayer:

Write the prompts below on the whiteboard so all can read them. Ask each student, to finish one of them for their closing prayer.

  • Today I will show mercy or comfort to…
  • Today I will be humble about…
  • Today I will make peace with…
  • Today when someone calls me a name or treats me badly I will…
  • Today I will follow and obey God better by…

After the last person has finished saying his/her prayer statement, conclude with: For all these prayers, we say tonight, may the Lord hear us.  AMEN.

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