With this Beatitude worksheet, students must name someone dead or alive that has lived each particular Beatitude. Since they cannot reuse anyone, they must list 8 different people. Hopefully, by thinking about these people who live according to the Beatitudes, they will be inspired to live by the Beatitudes themselves.

I like to use this worksheet as a reflective wrap-up exercise on the Beatitudes. After giving an overview of the Beatitudes and then completing the Beatitude Fill-In and Match Worksheets, I use this worksheet as a way to connect the Beatitudes to real life. In the 5th grade lesson on The Way Part 3: Beatitude footsteps, this worksheet is used as a way to lead students to think about which Beatitude they need to work on.

Beatitude ‘Who has the “BE”attitude’ Worksheet

Beatitude Who Lives It Worksheet Catechism Lesson Grade 4 and 5 at catechismangel.com

Use this worksheet as a reflective review of the Beatitudes. Make sure that students write 8 different people.

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