Know Your Catholic Church Leaders Activity & Worksheet

This Catholic Church Leaders activity helps students understand how the Catholic church guides us through its leaders. Students will learn the hierarchy structure in which our church leaders shepherd us. This activity is part of my 3rd grade lesson plan on Catholic Church Leaders.

Large Group Overview of Catholic Church Leaders

Show pictures of your priest, bishop, and our Pope and the churches they serve at. To help you out with a model, below is a Google slideshare of specific to my church. It includes maps to show where our bishop and the Pope live. I explain what a parish and diocese are as I overview the priest’s and bishop’s responsibilities.

If I don’t have a device to show the presentation in the classroom, I print color copes of this file, hold them up for the class to see and then point on a world map where each one lives. Please email me if you would like me to share my Google Slide presentation with you so you can modify it for you classroom.

Worksheet: Our Church Leaders

Use this worksheet to as a review activity. Each student, should fill-in the name of their church leaders and their churches they serve at.

For making your own, worksheet, simply download my editable word document and insert your own pictures for your parish and your diocese.

Church Leaders Fill-In Worksheet by Catechism Angel at
Sample worksheet specific to my church and diocese
Church Leaders Fill-In Worksheet by Catechism Angel at
Editable worksheet to make a worksheet specific to your church

Extension Activities

To have a fun review of Church Leadership, play my Pope, Bishop, or Priest Football Relay Game. If you don’t have time to make foam footballs, just use cardstock.

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