Pin the Pope on Italy Catechism Game

Students love this game that is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This Pope catechism activity is part of my 3rd Grade Lesson on Catholic Church Leaders. What a great fun way for the kids to get more familiar with the Pope being the leader of the church and that he lives in Rome, Italy.

Supplies for Pope Catechism Game

  • mini-Laminated Popes (print the template, cut and laminate)
  • world map with Italy highlighted (print the map below)
  • painter’s tape
  • blindfolds

Free Printable Templates

Setup of the Pope Catechism Game

  • Tape the world map to the wall using the painter’s tape.
  • Blind-fold the kids one at a time and give each a small laminated picture of Pope Francis with tape on the back.
  • Turn each kid in 2 circles and then point them toward the map to try to place the mini-Pope as close to Italy as possible.
  • Once everyone has played, declare the one closest to Italy as the winner.
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