We are the Body of Christ Worksheet

This Body of Christ Worksheet reinforces the words”Body of Christ” which have a huge meaning for all Catholics When we receive Communion we hear these words spoken to us. And when we respond, “Amen” we are saying “Yes, I will!” to being the Body of Christ of others. This worksheet helps guide students to think more deeply at what that words actually mean.

Students fill in examples of how their hands, feet, mind, lips, and heart can do Jesus’ work. To guide them use the sample responses given below. Use with the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes Lesson.

We are the Body of Christ Worksheet at catechismangel.com

Excellent worksheet to think more deeply about what being the “Body of Christ” means.

Example responses of how we can be “The Body of Christ”

If students are having trouble filling in examples, provide some examples like these:

My mind will:

  • pray for the needy
  • read the Bible to learn how to do the right thing
  • find creative ways to help others who are struggling

My lips will:

  • praise God
  • say uplifting things
  • give comforting words to those who are sad

My hands will:

  • give hugs
  • serve the poor
  • work at food shelves and homeless shelters

My heart will:

  • love others unconditionally
  • react with empathy when I see people who are struggling
  • be kind to those who are hurting

My feet will:

  • stomp out injustice
  • walk to find those in my community who need help
  • participate in walking and running marathons for good causes
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