This 10 Commandment worksheet enables students to think about real life situations that we face in our daily lives. After reading a statement about a real life Stumbling Block situation, the students must identify a 10 Commandment that is violated. It is so important to realize that the 10 Commandments enable us to recognize the right thing to do. This worksheet is recommended for use as a way to review the 10 Commandments. It fits well with the lesson on The Way Part 2: 10 Commandment Sign Posts.

This exercise is also offered as a Google Slides Quiz in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. See link below.

Free Printable 10 Commandment Worksheet

Which Commandment 10 Commandment Free Printable Worksheet for Catechism Angel at

Real life situations for discovering which Commandment applies to an action

Which Commandment 10 Commandment Free Printable Worksheet for Catechism Angel at

Answer Sheet

Google Slides Quiz of the 10 Commandment Worksheet Scenarios

Google slides quiz that can be completed individually by students or for the class to do together. Great review assessment of the 10 Commandments.

This worksheet is available as a Google slides quiz in my TeachersPayTeachers store. The prompts from the worksheet are presented on separate slides. A full list of the Commandments is shown on the slide for easy selection of an answer. The Commandment dishonored by the prompt must be chosen correctly on the Google slide before moving on to the next question.

For every correct answer, the student advances on a stairway towards the light of Jesus. For every incorrect answer, the student is lead back to try again to select the right answer. A correct answer must be given before moving to the next scenario/question. This quiz could be completed independently or as a group.

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