Act of Contrition Free Printable Prayer Cards

Print these Act of Contrition prayer cards for your use at church or home. Each copy makes 6 prayer cards. If you are going to distribute them for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, feel free to cut off the bottom part about “number of sins asking forgiveness for”. That bottom part is intended for use with the small group reconciliation activity (see below) for elementary students.

Act of Contrition Prayer Cards Free Printable for Reconciliation for Catechism Angel at
6 Act of Contrition Prayers Per Page

Small Group Reconciliation Activity for Elementary Students

These cards can also be used for a closing prayer reflection for younger elementary aged kids with any lesson on sin and reconciliation to enable the kids to think deeper about this Sacrament. This activity pairs well with the 3rd Grade lesson on Zacchaeus and Reconciliation.


Act of Contrition cards, 1 trash can, and 1 chair.


  1. Give each child a copy of the Act of Contrition card.
  2. Have the children think of a recent time that they sinned, such as telling a lie about their homework, arguing with their parents, or a time they were disobedient, etc. 
  3. Next, have them think of how many times they sinned during the past week.  Remind them of all the things that may be considered a sin, and have them write the number down on the slip at the bottom. 
  4. Tell the children, “Let’s pretend that you made your confession to the priest.   Now we will say the Act of Contrition together.”
  5. Crumple your paper.  Now let’s throw away the sheet away as a sin that Jesus has forgiven you.
  6. Put a trash can against a wall.  Have the children line up behind a chair (to keep them from getting too close to the basket).  One by one, have them throw their sins into a trash can that is a few feet away.   
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