The Way Part 2: Ten Commandment Sign Posts

This is a Part 2 of a 3 week project for 5th graders to make “The Way”, a graphical visualization of “The Way” to God. See Part 1 for starting information.

The Way Project for 5th grade catechism for Catechism Angel at
“The Way” Project showing Sin Stumbling Blocks and 10 Commandment Sign Posts. The Stumbling Blocks were added in Part 1 of the lesson. In this lesson, the 10 Commandment sign posts will be added.

Key Points

Following “The Way” can be challenging.  God gave use the 10 Commandments as road signs to keep us on the right path.


“The Way”, covet, bear false witness


Introduce the 10 Commandments as Sign Posts

Lead a group class discussion by showing “The Way Part 1” butcher paper and asking:

  • What did we add last meeting?…..[add stumbling blocks to represent the sins that keep us form following the Way to God]
  • Do you remember what particular one did you add?…. [read a few ones anonymously from “The Way” if no one volunteers to share]
  • Can you think of guidelines listed in the Bible that God gave us to help us not sin/stumble?…. [The Ten Commandments]
  • The 10 Commandments are sign posts to help us stay on “The Way”.

Scripture: The 10 Commandments

Pull out your Bibles and read together Exodus 20:1-20.

Large Group Activity: Review the 10 Commandments

Display a large poster of the 10 Commandments. Use the whiteboard or the Google Slides presentation shown below to review what they mean one by one in ordinary language. Make sure you define “covet” (to yearn to have something) and “bear false witness” (speaking falsely or unjustly or lying). The slide show is set to reveal the meanings one at a time.

Worksheet: Which Commandment?

Pass out the free printable worksheet “Which Commandment?” which has real life situations given for discovering which Commandment applies to an action. Once the class has finished the worksheet, use the answer key to review the answers. See all details on this post.

Which Commandment 10 Commandment Free Printable Worksheet for Catechism Angel at

Roundtable Discussion

Go around the room and ask the kids to share their thoughts on this prompt:
“Which is the hardest Commandment to follow?”

Activity: Creating 10 Commandment Sign Posts

Assign each student or pairs of students a 10 Commandment that they will to add to “The Way.”

Ask them to cut scraps of paper to create paper sign posts of that particular Commandment. Have them glue the sign posts to the butcher paper along the path. Encourage them to use ordinary language on the sign post when writing the Commandment.

Game: 10 Commandments Fill-In Blank or Match Relay Game

Play a fun relay game with the 10 Commandments. Use all the directions found on the 10 Commandment FIll-In Blank and Match Game Boards post. I recommend making 2 class sets of this game to use from year to year.

10 Commandments Game Board photo for Catechism Angel at

Closing Prayer

Email to Families

In this lesson, we will review the 10 Commandments and discuss how they help us avoid Stumbling Blocks (Sins). The 10 Commandments ensure that we stay on the path that is “The Way” to the Lord. As a class we will add the 10 Commandments  as sign posts on our butcher paper in which we are creating  “The Way.” We will finish “The Way” with our next lesson.

Questions for the car ride home:

  • Which 10 Commandment is easiest to follow?
  • Which 10 Commandment is hardest to follow?

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