Advent Activity Chain Count Down Craft

Advent Chain Craft for Catechism

This simple Advent activity is easy to prep for and can quickly become an Advent tradition. Each chain is a paper strip with a task to do. All tasks are focus on doing something that helps “Prepare the Way of the Lord”. By doing small things for others, we live the true meaning of Advent. Children quickly learn that the Advent season is a time to get our hearts ready to receive Jesus on Christmas Day, Good deeds enable us to do that.

O Antiphons are written on the strips for the last seven days. Each O Aniphon contains a title for the Messiah and weaves in the prophecy of Isaiah. They are used during vespers during the last 7 days of Advent.

Advent Activity Chain Craft for catechism lesson or home catechism by
Each slip has a small service to complete

Supplies for Advent Craft

  • Black and white copies of the template file printed on red paper for odd days and green paper for even days
  • Scissors
  • Glue or stapler
Advent Chain Red Strips for catechism lesson by Catechism Angel at

Print this red sheet template on Red Paper

Advent Chain Green Strips for catechism lesson by Catechism Angel at

Print this green sheet template on Green Paper

Directions for the Advent Activity Chain

  • Pass out 1 red sheet and 1 green sheet (printed appropriately as shown above) to each student
  • Ask the students to cut out all the strips
  • Have them glue or staple the strips together in the proper order one at a time to make entwining circles

How the Advent Activity Chain works

The tasks must be completed in order one-by-one. When the task for a particular day is completed, that circle can be removed. When Christmas arrives, there will be no circles left and a Blessed Christmas will be experienced BECAUSE your heart has been prepared by all the good acts!

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