Best Bible Story Resources for Catechism

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I believe that every faith formation lesson must incorporate some Bible story or some Scripture reading. The Bible is the Word of God. All of our faith must stem from its life changing messages. Finding the most effective and best Bible story resources in the elementary classroom is important.

Elementary Aged Students and the Bible

1st and 2nd graders are primarily literal learners. When told Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament, many are automatically fascinated by the rich characters, the powerful events detailed, and the nature of God revealed. Who cannot be drawn in and captivated by Daniel being saved from lions and by Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and fishes? With significant classrrom exposure to Bible stories that leads to strong basic knowledge, they are lead to feel the power and glory of God first hand. Jesus and the Biblical prophets can be their heroes.

3rd through 5th grade need to continue to study the Bible and review the Bible stories they may have learned at an earlier age. But they are ready to take learning to the next level. They can start to analyze the Bible stories at a deeper more figurative level. Catechists become guides to help them learn how to think critically to be able to apply the Scripture to their lives.

Ways to Share a Biblical Story

Printing and reading from a large sized classroom book

Reading from a classroom book

For my church I have made a lot of big books for catechists to read outloud to their small groups. I have created many of them by putting together a ledger-sized (11″ x 17″) book in Microsoft Word and then printing and binding it at a copy shop. The advantages of a big printed book include:

  • Catechists simply pick them up and start reading. Super easy!
  • Since they are large-sized, all can see the pictures.
  • If desired, children can read them outloud to other children.
  • The big books become a sustainable resource that can be use from year to year.

As an example, feel free to print and use my Creation Story book that was created for printing on ledger (11″ x 17″) paper.

Examples of Printed 11″ x 17″ classroom books

On-line reading

If a catechist is tech-savvy and the equipment is available in the classroom, a Bible story can be viewed from an on-line resource. Advantages include:

  • No cost if the classroom equipment is available.
  • Videos with animation and music can make Jesus and other Biblical characters come fully to life.
  • More and more on-line resources are becoming available every day.

Best Sources for Printing and/or Viewing Bible Story Books

Bible for Children:

  • Free stories to download in many formats including pdf, audio, and coloring book.
  • Print the “Story: version in color to make a classroom book.


  • One Page Printables for both Old Testament & New Testament stories that are mainly geared to preschool and 1st grade.
  • Big Book Printable and On-Screen Versions available to download in pdf format or in editable Microsoft Publisher format.

Free Bible Images:

  • Access to wonderful image sets to use for any educational or personal purposes.
  • Many formats including PowerPoint, pdf, keynote, jpegs, and story planners.
  • Slide show mode available for on-screen reading.
  • Photos of actual persons portraying Biblical characters makes the stories more real to life.

Instant Display

  • Ready to go printable stories on Moses, Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost.
  • Check out the printable posters on topics such as Saints, Prayers, and Stations of the Cross.
  • Colorful printable bulletin board titles, too,

Best Videos Channels for Bible Stories

7 Awesome YouTube Bible Story Channels For Kids

Checkout this blog article by Home Schooling Today that lists 7 great YouTube Channels.

11 Awesome Bible Channels for Kids on YouTube

Run through this post by Outlines what each channel has to offer include quantity of videos, upload frequency, average running time and what they will help your kid learn about.

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