Jesus Forgives and Heals the Paralyzed Man Lesson for 2nd Grade

Key Points

Jesus showed his love by helping those in need.  He often performed miracles to heal the sick.  Jesus can help us too by healing us. He can do that by forgiving our sins.

Opening Discussion

Lead your class through an overview of Jesus’ miracles by using the following points and prompts.

General Overview of Jesus’ Miracles

  • When Jesus lived on earth he did many miracles.
  • What is a miracle?…… [an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God]
  • Can you name some of the miracles Jesus performed?

Write on the whiteboard the responses given. Separate them into 2 categories of either:

  • Miracles that Healed People
  • Miracles that Controlled Nature

Use this slide as a guide for possible responses:

Overview of the Purpose of Jesus’ Miracles

Why did Jesus heal people? Possible answers:

  • To show the love of God in action: that He loves them and that God loves them
  • To show God’s healing presence to the world: God heals us both physically and spiritually
  • To show he cares for all: Jesus healed the outcasts of society

Art Print: Healing of the Paralytic at Capernaum

Show this slide containing the art print of a stained glass made in the 1500’s by Jan Rombouts . Then ask the questions as prompted by clicking on the slide for the animations.

Scripture: Jesus Forgives and Heals the Paralyzed Man

Read the story of the Jesus Healing the Paralyzed Man [Mark 2:2-12, Luke 5:17-26] to the class using this Slide Show from Free Bible Images that shows real people acting out the story.

Review the Story

Use these questions and answers to review the story:

1. Why did they lower the man into the room through the roof?so crowded they couldn’t use the door
they were desperate for Jesus to help
2. Jesus healed the man in 2 ways. What were they?he forgave his sins
he helped him walk again
3. How does healing from sin (forgiveness) help us as much as curing our sicknesses?makes us whole again on the inside
we are all sinners and we need forgiveness and reconciliation with God to live as good people
4. Why did the Pharisee and teachers of the law not like what Jesus did?they didn’t understand that Jesus was God’s son and that he had God’s powers so it scared them
5. Later these leaders put Jesus to death on a cross. But does Jesus still live?yes, he is in heaven & in our hearts
6. How can Jesus heal us?by praying to him when we done something wrong
by asking for forgiveness when we’ve wronged others.
7. Have you ever helped your friends ‘find Jesus’ the way the paralyzed man’s 4 friends did?by being Jesus to them by doing acts of kindness

Activity: Paralyzed Cracker Eaters

This activity of Paralyzed Cracker Eaters is adapted from the Children’s Ministry Activity.


  1. Have everyone wash hands.
  2. Pass out crackers to each students.  Warn the kids that they may not eat them just yet!
  3. Ask everyone to stretch out their hand and pretend it is paralyzed.  Tell them that they cannot move at all.  So no bending at the elbow!
  4. Challenge them to eat the cracker without bending at the elbow.  How can that be done?


Remember you have friends to help you out! Your stiff arms can reach a friend’s mouth. Go ahead and try it. (Catechist should be ready to pair up with an unpaired kid.) Feed each other.


We needed to work together to be able to eat a cracker. In the story today, the friends of the paralyzed man worked together. They carried him together to bring him to Jesus so Jesus could heal him. Friends need to help each other see Jesus in their lives.

Game: Blanket Relay

This game reenacts how the friends of the paralyzed man carried him on a blanket.


  • Two small dolls
  • Two cloth placements to represent a blanket
  • Two playground cones or paper plates


  1. Find an open space to play game.
  2. Split the class into 2 teams and have each team line up in a straight line.
  3. Designate a starting line for both teams and place two cones or paper plates about 20 feet away.
  4. Give each team a doll and a placemat to carry the doll on.
  5. For the relay every team must carry the doll from start around the cone/paper plate and back without dripping the doll wins. If the doll drops to the ground, that team member must stop and go back to the starting line and start over.

Closing Prayer

Read this short prayer out loud together and then follow with the “Our Father”.

Email to families

This week we will discuss Jesus’ miracles by learning about how Jesus healed the paralyzed man.  He forgave his sins and helped him walk again.  He was so desperate for Jesus’ help that his friends brought him down through the roof on a mat because they could not get through the door.

Questions for the car ride home:

  • When have you been desperate for Jesus’ help like the paralyzed man and his friends?
  • When have you needed to be forgiven for something you did?  Did you ask God for help?
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