Noah’s Ark Lesson Plan for 1st Grade

This complete Noah’s Ark lesson plan can be used with a class or at home to learn the story, review how to apply it to our lives and to reinforce the concepts with some fun crafts. All components are easy to prep.

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Key Points

God loves and cares for us.  We know this because stories in the Bible show how he took care of people.   In the story of Noah and the Ark, Noah, a good righteous man, trusted in God and God took care of him.


New Testament
Old Testament

Supplies for Noah’s Ark Lesson

  • A Bible and a crucifix
  • A completed God Called Noah Bible craft to show the kids
  • Supplies to make the God Called Noah Bible craft (paper plates precut, crayons, scissors, stapler)
  • Supplies to play the Fill Noah’s Ark game or the Noah’s Ark Memory Match game

Opening Discussion: Bible Overview

Lead a discussion by asking these questions using the Bible and crucifix as your prompts:

What is this book?…… [Bible]
What kind of stories are in it?…… [Stories about God and Jesus. The stories are God’s message to help us know how to live.]
Who was Jesus?…… [God’s son. Who died for us on a cross to open the doors of heaven for us–show crucifix]
Where do we find the stories of Jesus?….. [in the last part of the Bible called the New Testament]

Explain that today we will learn by reading a story from the Old Testament, the beginning part of the Bible.

Artwork: Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat by Simon de Myle

Show this Google slide of a public domain photo depicting the story of Noah’s Ark. Ask the prompts that are revealed by clicking on the slide.

Scripture: Noah and the Ark

Explain that now we will read the story of Noah and the Ark. Ask for everyone to listen in the story for what signs that Noah trusted in God.

from Sweet Publishing/ under CC-BY-SA

Review Questions

  1. Who built the ark?…… [Noah]
  2. Who told him to build the ark?…… [God]
  3. Who helped him?…… [his sons]
  4. What kind of animals came on the ark?.….. [2 kinds of every animal]
  5. How long did it rain?…… [40 days]
  6. How long were they on the ark?…… [months and months]
  7. What did Noah send to find dry land?…… [raven, dove]
  8. What did the dove bring back for Noah to know that there was dry land?…… [leaf]
  9. What was the sign that God promised he would never flood the earth again?…… [rainbow]

Discuss: What is the message of Noah’s story?

Cover the main point of the story by emphasizing how it teaches us to TRUST IN GOD.

  • Noah took a big leap of faith and trusted in God.
  • It was scary for him to build an ark, get all the animals together and to believe the flood would eventually go away.
  • He had to believe that no matter how hard things would become, God would take care of him.

Activity: Can you trust in God?

Explain that God has a plan for you just like he did for Noah!
Ask the children if they “can that trust God will take care of them, too” when they face scary life situations.

Read the following prompts revealed by clicking on the embedded Google slide. Ask the students to STAND UP if they have ever been sad or upset because of the following reasons. If the statement does not apply to them, they should remain sitting. With each prompt say out loud in a comforting voice: “When this happens, trust in God.”

Craft: God Called Noah Bible Craft

Complete this craft by These supplies are needed are:

  • Paper plates (2 per student)
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Some teacher prep is necessary to cut out the ark shape in the paper plates (2 per child). The template and all instructions can be found on the School School Zone website. If desired fill the pocket with edible treats of print cut and color these Noah’s Ark animals from

Game: Fill Noah’s Ark

Create and play this fun game by DLTK kids to reuse year after year.

Game: Noah’s Ark Memory Match Game

Print 2 sets of animal pictures to make a memory match game. This free pdf resource from Church House Collection that is intended to make Noah’s Ark Animal Stickers works well for making small animal pictures.

Closing Prayer

Uset the following closing prayer to reflect on the lesson. Follow it with saying the “Our Father” together.

Email to Families

Dear Families

This week we did a Noah’s Ark Lesson. We introduced the Bible and then read the story of Noah and the Ark together.
We discussed how the story shows that God has a plan for us and that he will always take care of us.

Questions for the Car Ride Home

• How did Noah show his trust in God?
• When do you need to trust in God?

Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child.

Your Child’s Catechist

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