Sin or Not a Sin Game

We encounter situations every day in which we face the possibility of making a choice that would lead to sin. This sin game helps students think at a deeper level about real life situations that deal with sin. Players have to quickly determine if certain actions written on game cards are sins.

This game is a perfect part of the 3rd Grade lesson on Reconciliation. As children play, encourage them to think about what is the core component of sin. Sin lead us away from God and damages our relationship with other people in our lives. Good choices help us stay connected to God and other people.

Sin Game Supplies

Make one set for 4 students. Keep all set pieces together in one gallon size ziploc bag.

To Play

  • Divide the class into groups of 3 to 4.
  • Give each group a Ziploc bag containing the game board, game cards, dice, and game markers.

Play Instructions

  1. Take turns rolling the die and drawing a card. 
  2. If the card drawn is not a sin, move the number of dots on the die. 
  3. First player to reach the end square or go past the end square wins. 
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