Pentecost Eggs Catechism Activity

With this Pentecost activity for catechism, students transform plastic Easter eggs into Pentecost eggs to give others. Each egg will contain a Pentecostal flame, a note with a small service project the recipient needs to perform and some candy, These eggs can be given out to another class as part of the Teach Pentecost Lesson for 5th graders. Otherwise they can be sent home for the students to give to a family member, neighbor, or friend.

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The flame helps remind the receiver of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised the Apostles that the Holy Spirit would be with them always after they received it at Pentecost [John 14:15-31].  The Holy Spirit is with us as we serve God by serving others.

The instructions given to the recipient of the eggs are detailed in a slip that will be attached to the eggs:

  • Open one of these eggs now, complete the service listed within a week, and then eat the jelly beans inside the egg once the service is complete.
  • Keep the other egg until Pentecost, open it on that day, complete the service listed within a week after Pentecost, and then eat the jelly beans inside the egg once the service is complete.


  • Small slips of paper that will fit in the plastic eggs (4 per student)
  • Plastic eggs (2 per student)
  • Jelly beans or some other candy
  • Small bags are big enough to hold 2 plastic eggs (1 per student)
  • Pentecost egg instruction slips (2 per student) or parent letter (1 per student)

Make Service Slips

Ask the students to think of some simple service projects that can be done . Write their ideas on the whiteboard. Some ideas are:

  • Make a secret card for your teacher thanking him/her
  • Clean your classroom’s floor of scraps of paper
  • Let your sibling have your seat in the car
  • Give your mom a back rub
  • Clear the dinner table completely without being asked
  • Call your Grandma or Grandpa
  • Sweep the kitchen floor

Have each student choose service ideas to write on 2 different small slips of paper.

Make Small Pentecostal Flames

Flame image for Pentecost activity making Pentecost eggs for catechism activity at

Draw a flame shape on the whiteboard as an example. Ask each student to draw, color and cut out 2 small Pentecostal flames that will fit inside the plastic Easter eggs.

Package the Pentecostal Eggs

Each student will make 2 Pentecostal eggs. Inside each plastic egg they should put:

  • a Pentecostal flame they drew
  • a slip of paper about a service action the recipient should do
  • 2 jelly beans or other candy

Secure each set in a small bag.  If time, they can decorate the outside of the bag.

Attach a copy of the Pentecost Egg Instructions Slip.

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