Virtual Christmas Pictionary Game for Zoom Faith Formation

Playing Virtual Pictionary at Christmas will spice up any zoom faith formation happening at the holiday time. The game is played using zoom’s whiteboard. The word is shared secretly with the drawer by a chat box message that only the assigned drawer can see.

How to Turn On and Use Zoom Whiteboard

The player whose turn it is must turn on the whiteboard by these steps:

  • Clicking on Share Screen button located on the meeting toolbar
  • Then clicking on Whiteboard and then Share.
  • The annotation tools should appear automatically. Feel free to allow the use the different drawing and erase tools. The size of the pencil can be changed and the eraser can be used to erase part or all of the drawing during live play.

Consider playing team against team…

Playing for fun where everyone is guessing is great but it is also easy to play team against team. Playing team against team minimizes the number of people talking and/or shouting answers. Simply follow these additional steps to be more successful if playing as teams:

  • Give each team a color name like purple and orange.
  • Be insistent on having each team member adding the color of their team to the front of their name. For example, if I am on the purple team, my name would be “Purple Donna”
  • Be strict on participants always muting themselves when their team is not playing.

Rules are like regular Pictionary

  • No writing of words, letters, or numbers.
  • No verbal or physical communications.
  • When your team correctly guesses your drawing, the next word will be typed into the chat box as a direct message to the next drawer.

Virtual Christmas Pictionary words

This set of 24 words works well for any age of players. To share the word with the assigned drawer, send the word via a private chat message.

  1. Three Kings
  2. Manger
  3. Cow
  4. Inn
  5. Bible
  6. Advent wreath
  7. Mary
  8. Angels
  9. Star of Bethlehem
  10. Bethlehem
  11. Donkey
  12. King Herod
  13. Straw or Hay (either one)
  14. Gold
  15. Shepherd
  16. Baby Jesus
  17. Inn
  18. Joseph
  19. Sheep
  20. Gifts
  21. Stable
  22. Christmas tree
  23. Dream
  24. Shepherd’s staff
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