Free Printable Stations of the Cross Guides and Booklets for Children

Stations of the Cross for children are a wonderful way for families to experience the Passion of Christ. They are called stations as they are meant to be “stopping points” just like train stations and bus stations. At each station, we are called to stop and think about what Jesus went through as he died on the cross. Even though many families only pray them during Lent, they can be experienced anytime of year.

For Stations of the Cross to be prayerful experience for elementary aged children,it is important to use age-appropriate and relevant meditation guides These guides succeed at being relevant by focusing on how Jesus’ “Way of the Cross” shows us the “The Way” to live like him. The Stations are sometimes called “The Way of the Cross” to help us reflect on this focus.

Free Printable 2 page Stations of the Cross for Children guide

To experience stations with limited time, use this 2 page guide. It focuses on providing a few prayerful sentences on how we can apply the station events to our daily lives along with wonderful artwork by Vincentini. This guide works well as part of a faith formation class when you only 15 min block of time. Consider printing it back to back on heavier paper in color. Then, the copies can be reused every year.

Free Printable Stations of the Cross for Children Booklet

This longer more reflective version has a format closer to traditional Stations of the Cross meditations. They are illustrated with the wonderful artwork by Vincentini. Consider sharing the reading of the passages. For example have an adult read the “The Way of Jesus” part and various children read the “Our Way to Jesus” part.

Booklet version

These booklets can be printed in B & W or in color. Make sure to print 2-sided so that when the 4 printed pages are folded in half, they make a booklet that can be stapled at the folded edge. If printed on heavier weight paper, these booklets can be used over and over again.

On-line Stations of the Cross

For a meaningful on-version of the Stations of the Cross perfect for families or small groups see my store on Teachers Pay Teachers. The stations can be read directly from a tablet or smartphone. Works well for virtual sessions. Distribute the readings among your participants. Easy to divide by having “The Way of Jesus” part and “Our Way to Jesus” parts be read by different people.

See my store in TeachersPayTeachers for access to this Google Slide version

Stations of the Cross Guides for teens

These resources are designed for teens and can easily be printed for your use:

Stations of the Cross by Lucille Perrotta Castro has sections on “Look at Jesus” and “Look at Your Heart” to make the stations more like a spiritual pilgrimage.

 The Stations of the Cross for Teens from Archdiocese of Winnipeg is impactful for teens because it enables then to directly apply the Stations to their lives.

Outdoor Stations of the Cross

If you are interested in hosting outdoor stations of the cross, please see the post on the Best Covid Safe Family Events for Faith Formation. Scroll down to the March idea.

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