Lenten Resolutions Worksheet for 4th and 5th Grade

The 3 pillars of Lent are Pray, Fast and Almsgiving. This Lenten Resolutions worksheet gives students the opportunity to choose one from each category during their Lenten journey. Either they can select one from the list provided or write their own ideas in.

The fasting category is divided into fasting from bad things and fasting from good things. The items listed help solidify the concept that Lent is a time to move towards personal sacrifice and a time to look honestly at how we can improve ourselves. Overall, this helps move away from the traditional view of Lent as being seen as a time to give something up.

More Reflective Lenten Resolution Activity & Worksheet:

If you would like to do a more reflective discussion of Lenten Resolutions, see this post. This worksheet focuses on using “Sacrifices” as the focal point of choosing a Lenten Resolution.

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