Christmas Pictionary Game for Faith Formation

Christmas Pictionary is a game that can spark any faith formation class that is centered upon discussing Jesus’ birth. Minimal supplies and preparation are required especially if you have a classroom whiteboard. Use the game as a fun review of the Christmas story in Scripture.

Christmas Pictionary for Catechism Lesson by Catechism Angel at

Words for Christmas Pictionary

Before class, print off the words and cut apart. Place in an envelope.

  1. Three Kings
  2. Manger
  3. Cow
  4. Inn
  5. Bible
  6. Advent wreath
  7. Mary
  8. Angels
  9. Star of Bethlehem
  10. Bethlehem
  11. Donkey
  12. King Herod
  13. Straw or Hay (either one)
  14. Gold
  15. Shepherd
  16. Baby Jesus
  17. Inn
  18. Joseph
  19. Sheep
  20. Gifts
  21. Stable
  22. Christmas tree
  23. Dream
  24. Shepherd’s staff
Christmas Pictionary words to print and cut apart

Directions for Christmas Pictionary Game

  1. Choose a student to go first and have them pick a word from the envelope.
  2. Instruct them to draw the word on the whiteboard following these rules:
    • No writing of words, letters, or numbers.
    • No verbal or physical communications.
  3. The person who correctly guesses first gets to be the next drawer.

Virtual Pictionary for Zoom and Other Related Activities

If you are looking to play Christmas Pictionary by zoom, see this post for procedures and tips.

A meaningful worksheet for Christmas story and how it should be thought of as related to our lives is the Christmas Scripture Analysis worksheet.

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