Free Printable 10 Commandments Poster

A poster of the 10 Commandments is an essential classroom supply. Use these free printable 10 Commandments posters with catechism lessons that incorporate learning or reviewing the 10 Commandments. For example, the 5th grade lesson, The Way Part 2: Ten Commandment Sign Posts incorporates discussing the 10 Commandments in real-life situations.

I offer 3 sizes for printing. Feel free to directly onto letter, legal or ledger paper. Each file is 2 pages long. For a portable poster that can put into a file drawer, print the letter size onto 2 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock, and then tape the 2 sheets to the inner sides of a file folder. The poster is sturdy stores so nicely in your file drawer to reuse each year.

10 Commandments Posters for Printing

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