Free Printable Baptism Game: Symbols Match

Baptism symbols are at the heart of understanding the significance of this blessed Sacrament. Playing a fun match game with the wonderful symbolic objects used in or associated with the Baptism ceremony is a meaningful game. It strengthens the familiarity and knowledge of the integral role of symbols in the ceremony. Use this activity with my 1st and 2nd grade lessons on Baptism.

Make multiple sets for your classroom to use from year to year. If you use heavier cardstock, there is no need to laminate. Also if you use different color of cardstock for each game, then they are easier to keep separate.

Supplies for Baptism Game

Free Printable Baptism Symbols template

Baptism Match Game Symbols Page 1 for catechism lesson at
Page 1 of Baptism Symbols for match game
Baptism Match Game Symbols Page 1 for catechism lesson at
Page 2 of Baptism Symbols for match game

How to Play

  • Provide one set of match cards per 2 to 3 students
  • Ask groups to find an open spot on the a table or the floor

Step 1: Shuffle cards and lay them out face down

  1. Shuffle cards
  2. Each team lays the cards face-down on the table or floor, one at a time. Be sure that no cards overlap. Lay the cards out in any pattern you like.

Step 2: Find the Matches

  1. Play starts with the youngest player.
  2. The player turns over two cards, one at a time. Keep the cards in their same position.
  3. If the cards match, the player takes the cards and turns over two more cards.
  4. If the cards do not match, the player turns the cards face-down. Play passes to the next player to the left.
  5. Play continues until all the cards have been picked up.

Step 3: To Score

The player with the most cards wins the game. If you want, use a score sheet to keep track of the number of games each player wins or to keep a running total of each player’s score.

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