Baptism of Jesus craft template of craft and worksheet showing pop-up dove at

This Baptism of Jesus craft is a fun way to review the Bible story. The dove which descends on Jesus’ baptism is attached to the card by a pop-up cloud. Make this card to be an engaging part of the lesson on the Baptism of Jesus for 2nd grade.

The free printable means minimal preparation and gathering of supplies! Simply print the 2-page template on cardstock and your preparation is done. For situations where the kids are young or when there is limited class time, pre-cutting the dove and/or cloud can help. Kids are fascinated by how easy the pop-up mechanism is made.

Template for the Baptism of Jesus craft

Baptism of Jesus craft template of craft and worksheet showing pop-up dove at
Baptism of Jesus craft template of dove and cloud to attach at

Jesus, John and Dove clipart from Charlotte’s Clips TpT


  1. Print the 2 page template on cardstock (1 per student). If desired, feel free to print the first page on beige or gray cardstock and the second page on white cardstock. This gives an offset color to make the white cloud and dove pop-up more.
  2. Cut out the cloud and the dove found on page 2 of the template.
  3. Fold the cloud in half with the marked dotted fold line and the cut lines to the outside.
  4. Cut on the 2 cut lines to make a slit.
  5. Push the slit to the inside and make firm creases to create a step (see Picture 1 below).
  6. Glue the dove to the step (see Picture 2 below).
  7. Glue the entire cloud to page 1 of the template in the cloud position (see Picture 3 and Picture 4 below).
  8. Color and answer the prompt: “Why is this story important to our understanding of the Holy Spirit.” [Possible answer: “The 3 persons are present: Father’s voice, Holy Spirit dove and Jesus in the water.” ]
Baptism of Jesus craft template showing cut dove and cloud with step
Picture 1: Cloud with step formed and dove cut-out
Baptism of Jesus craft template of showing dove attached to cloud at
Picture 2: Dove glued to the step
Picture 3: Cloud with pop-up dove attached, coloring done and prompt finished
Picture 4: Sideview of the finished craft
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