Creation Lesson for 1st and 2nd Grade

This Creation lesson plan allows 1st and 2nd graders to learn the story of creation with a Scripture review and fun activities.

Key Points

God creates everything out of love for us. God’s creation is good and we must take care of it.


Creation, image, sign of the cross


  • Device to show the google slides version of the Creation Story Book (see below for the embed) or a printed copy of the Creation Story Book pdf on 11″ x 17″ paper that can be bound into a book
  • Copy paper
  • Pencils, markers, and crayons
  • Soft ball for Happy Toss Activity

Gathering Activity

Make a chart on whiteboard as seen below.  As the children arrive at class, ask each of them to write down something in each of the three categories to indicate their favorites:

Favorite PeopleFavorite AnimalsFavorite Places in Nature

Whiteboard table to be filled-out by children as they arrive at class.

Scripture: Genesis 1:1 to 2:3

Read out loud the Creation Story Big Book [Genesis 1:1 to 2:3] from this Google Slides embedded presentation or from a book by printing a version on 11′ x 17′ paper by downloading the full pdf .

Discuss the Creation Story

Review the Creation Story by asking your students these questions:

  1. What does create mean? [make something out of nothing]
  2. How can God create something out of nothing? [he is all powerful]
  3. How long did it take God to make the world?  [6 days cause on 7th day he rested]
  4. What did God mean when he said “that it was good”?  [he liked what he made; it was not junk]
  5. What does it mean that he made people in his own image?  [we look like God and we are the most special of all creatures]
  6. How does the creation story show us that God loves us?   [because God made us to be like him]

Caring for Creation

Together as a class look over the answers put in the chart while gathering.  Explain how God wants us to care for things that are part of his creation.

Ask for ways that we take care of God’s people, animals, and nature.

Possible responses:

  • pick up trash
  • use less water
  • recycle
  • use less air conditioning
  • turn off lights/TV when not in room

Activity:  Draw something God made in love

Pass out piece of paper to everyone.  Ask the kids to draw a picture of something that God created that shows his love in the heart.

Have them write at the top of the paper “God shows his love through creation.”

Sign of the Cross Challenges

Model the sign of the cross done correctly.  Practice it several time times with students.   Watch those who incorrectly use the left hand and gently show them how to do it correctly.

Challenge them to do it in some novel ways:

  • With their eyes closed
  • Standing on one foot
  • While twirling in a circle
  • With eyes closed and hopping on one foot in a circle
  • As fast as possible

Play “Happy Toss” Game from Loyola Press

To have an enjoyable dynamic activity, use the Happy Toss Activity by Loyola Press. When the children say something that is beautiful in nature it helps them understand more deeply how happy God’s creation makes them feel.

Closing Prayer

Display the poster of the Our Father and say it together.

Email to Parents

Send this email message to parents just prior to the lesson.

Hello, parents.

At class this week, we will read an abbreviated version of the Creation story as written in the book of Genesis. We will discuss why the creation story shows us how much God loves us.

Questions for the car ride home:

  • What is the creation story all about?
  • In many days did it take God to create the world and universe?
  • Why is creation good?

We also practiced the Sign of the Cross and Our Father.  Please make sure your child has mastered this prayer as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful week.

Your child’s Catechists

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