Creation Lesson for 4th and 5th Grade

This creation lesson for upper elementary helps them analyze the creation Scripture passage with a dynamic worksheet, an interactive poster building activity, and a fun game.

Key Points of the Creation Lesson

galaxy, fog, kosmus

Creation is a gift from God and we are called to care for the gift of creation.  We are all “Images of God” which make each of us very special.


Genesis, Image of God


  • Explain how this class will focus on a deeper understanding of the Story of Creation in the book of Genesis.
  • Discuss how the story is in the beginning of the Bible and what the word Genesis means.  [beginning of something].
  • Mention how we will learn that the story makes us feel special and loved by God.

Scripture: Creation Story Analysis Sheet

Use my Creation Story Analysis worksheet to take a closer look at the wording of the Creation Story and learn about some central themes.

Use the details in this post as your guide to an effective class discussion.

Creation Story Analysis Worksheet for 4th and 5th Grade at

Activity: “God is _________” Poster

Pass out slips of paper that are about 4.25″ x 5.5″ (quarter of a sheet of office paper). Ask everyone to write on the bottom “God is ________________” using only one word to fill in the blank. Then ask everyone to add a drawing of what God looks like based on what word they filled in.

Staple them all on a tag board and title it with “God Is….” Hang the poster in a place where the whole church community can see it.

A great extension of this topic is to email the parents of your students, and ask them how they would answer the same prompt. The kids love hearing what their parents said.

Game: “Images of God” Sticker Tag

Take time to reinforce the concept of that we are all images of God by playing this fun game. It works for groups of 6 or more. Each kid is given a set of 10 stickers that say “I.O.G.” They must tag as many people as possible with these stickers. See this post for full details on how to make this game successful.

Images of God Sticker Tag at Catechism Angel for
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