Encouragement Greeting Card

Encouragement card visual showing wording, cancer support card, catechismangel.com

This encouragement greeting card offers support for anyone experiences hardships. Whether it be due to chronic sickness or serious personal advertises, this card will remind the recipient of their specialness and internal strength. Why not send it as a cancer support card to someone you know that is going through treatment?

Both half–fold and quarter-fold card templates are available. The inside of the quarter fold version has a Scripture verse of Matthew 28:20 to remind them that God walks with them in their journey.

And behold, I am with you always…

Matthew 28:20

Encouragement Greeting Card Free Download

Consider Also the Chemo Countdown Counter

Please see my post on Keep Calm & Beat Cancer for directions on how to make a chemo countdown counter. It is easy to make and works well for those undergoing treatment.

Keep Calm and Beat cancer sign showing chemo countdown marker from right side, catechismangel.com
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