Holy Trinity Craft: Homemade Kaleidoscope

Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe activity. catechism activity

Making a homemade kaleidoscope as an Holy Trinity craft is fun, easy and budget friendly. And this kaleidscope works really well to boot! A thin transparent disk containing colored tissue paper is rotated to create kaleidoscope patterns of color as light reflects inside the triangular kaleidscope tube.

Quick 20 sec video demo on how awesome this homemade kaleidoscope craft works!! Enjoy!

Holy Trinity Object Lesson

This activity can be woven into an object lesson on the Holy Trinity. By labeling each side of the tube with a part of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) discussion can be centered on how all 3 parts of the Holy Trinity make up one God just like in the kaleidscope all 3 sides make up the working kaleidscope. The Holy Trinity works together in our salvation and the 3 sides of kaleidoscope work together to reflect light down the tube to our eyes.

Supplies for the Homemade Kaleidoscope:

Supplies, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Supplies for the Holy Trinity homemade kaleidoscope
  • Silver poster board or High Gloss Mirror board, cut into (1” x 4” pieces) (3 per kaleidoscope)
  • Clear contact paper cut into 2.5 in diameter circles) (2 per kaleidoscope)
  • Tissue paper bits, small, various colors
  • Nails, about 1 to 2 inches long (1 per kaleidoscope)
  • Scotch tape

Directions for the Homemade Kaleidoscope:

Step 1: Make the triangular tube

  • Lay the 3 rectangular pieces of mirrored cardboard flat with mirrored side down next to each other on a table.
  • Write “Father”, “Son” and “Holy Spirit” on each of the separate piece in big letters and decorate (see Picture 1)
  • Add 2 long pieces of tape along the 2 neighboring edges (see Picture 2). Pick up and make into a triangle shape. Then add the last piece of tape (see Picture 3).
Step 1 picture of writing on stirps, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Picture 1: Write Father, Son and Holy Spirit on the strips and decorate.
Adding tape, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Picture 2: Tape the 2 long seams with tape.
Forming the tube, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Picture 3: Form a triangle shape and add one last piece of tape to secure the last sides together.

Step 2: Make a contact paper sandwich with tissue paper in the middle

  • Take off the release paper off of the contact circles.
  • Lay sticky side up and add some bits of tissues paper to the surface of one of the circles. Don’t totally fill as you don’t want to completely block light form coming through (see Picture 4).
  • Create a contact paper sandwich by put the two sticky sides togeter. (see Picture 5).
Adding tissue paper, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Picture 4: Add tissue paper bits to one of the contact paper circles on the sticky side. Don’t fill up totally with tissue paper bits. Leave room for light to come through.
Contact paper sandwich, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Picture 5: Complete the contact sandwich by putting the adhesive side of the hother piece of contact paper on top of the tissue paper bits.

Step 3: Attach the Contact Paper Spinner

  • Insert a nail through the middle of the contact paper sandwich (see Picture 6).
  • Attach the spinner to the triangular body by taping the nail to one edge of the triangle (see Picture 7).
Adding the nail, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Picture 6: Insert a nail throught the middle of the contact paper spinner.
Placement of nail, Holy Trinity kalesidosocpe craft. catechism activity
Picture 7: Attach the spinner to the tube by taping the nail down at one end on the outside.

How to operate the Homemade Kaleidoscope:

To enjoy the kaleidoscipe, look throught the open end at a light source like a lamp or window and then spin the contact paper wheel.

Perfect Alternative Craft Kit for Treasured VBS!

If you are looking for supplemental crafts for your VBS programming, this craft is perfect. Incorporate it as an alternative to an Imagination Station activity or as extended day activity.

If you are doing Virtual Treasured VBS this is great alternative craft. It can easily be bagged in a quart-sized ziploc bag (Picture 8). Instead of writing the parts of the Trinity on the 3 sides, you can have them write the Bible point of the day. For example for VBS Treasured Day 5, have the kids write “God chooses ME!” (Picture 9). Allow 40 min of time for this craft,

Picture 8: If you are wanting to make up kits for Virtual VBS this is a persfect one to choose.
Picture 9: Write key VBS messages on the kaleidoscope craft strips
Picture 10: Finished Kaleidoscope craft for Treasured VBS
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