Free Printable Stations of the Cross Posters

Stations of the Cross posters, free printable,

The need for Stations of the Cross posters can occur for many reasons because experiencing Stations of the Cross is important for our Lenten journies. Maybe you will be creating stations for your school or classroom. Maybe you will create stations in your own home for your family. Or maybe you will be setting up quick outdoor stations of the cross on your church grounds. In this era of focusing on Covid-safe faith formation, that is an approach many churches will use as they adapt to the public health crisis.

These posters are to be printed on letter sized paper or cardstock. Consider using these posters from year to year by making them part of your faith formation supplies. If you are using outdoors, laminate for durability.

Letter-size Stations of the Cross Posters

Praying the Stations of the Cross with Children

I have 3 wonderful guides available for appropriate for children, families, and faith formation groups to experience the Stations of the Cross together.

  • Lower Elementary: a simple prayful 2 page guide that is geared for younger children or when you are rushed for time.
  • Upper Elementary: a booklet that focuses on seeing how the stations of the cross are “The Way to Jesus”.
  • Families and Groups: an on-line version for anyone especially families who desire to read them on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you have time review the history of the Stations of the Cross,

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