Lenten Resolution Worksheet on Making Sacrifices

This Lenten Resolution worksheet will help students start their Lenten journey with a reflective tone focused on doing small sacrifices. Jesus’s life was all about sacrifice. His model of the ultimate sacrifice by his death on a cross showed us how big God’s love is. The students will relate to what Jesus did by thinking about what sacrifices they would do for a friend.

The concept of a sacrifice is then extended to having students write in their chosen Lenten resolution. Consider guiding them to understand that our resolutions should be small daily sacrifices that help us in some manner. Maybe they help us reflect better on Jesus’ sacrfice by fasting from something bad. Maybe they will help us serve others in our family or community. Maybe they will help us become closer to God through daily prayer or Bible reading. I remember when I was growing up how my mother “fasted from butter and jelly on toast” for Lent. Every morning when she ate dry toast it reminded her of Jesus’ sacrfice.

Lenten Resolution Reflection Worksheet

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This half page Lenten resolution reflection has a fold line so that a privacy cover can be created

What Sacrifice Would You Do For A Friend?

These are the situations that the students will consider:

• Pay for their lunch if they didn’t have any money.
• Do a big chore like shovel the whole driveway after a huge snowstorm.
• Give them your skateboard because they cannot afford one.
• Shave your head as a show of your support when they have cancer and lose their hair.
• Stay with them when they are sick and care for their needs.
• Get punched in the face for them.
• Take the blame for a crime they did and go to jail because they have a child to care for.
• Donate a kidney because both of their kidneys are failing.
• Push them away from a speeding car which means you get hit instead

Companion Worksheet: Lenten Resolution Ideas

Lenten Resolution Worksheet by Catechism Angel at catechismangel.com

If you are looking for a list of Lenten Resolution ideas that are appropriate for 4th and 5th grade, please look at my Lenten Resolutions worksheet. It has many ideas divided into categories of Fasting, Prayer, and Almsgiving.

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