Greatest Commandment Online Game

This Greatest Commandment game is an engaging way to help kids memorize this important Bible verse (Matthew 22:36-40). It pairs well with my 1st and 2nd grade lesson on the Greatest Commandment and is the online version of my printable Greatest Commandment worksheet. Players are simply asked to drag words from the word bank to the correct place.

How to Play:

After hitting the Start Game button, drag the words to their correct place to complete the Bible verse! If the word is at the right position it will be highlighted in green. If it is at the wrong place it will not be highlighted. Words can be dragged back to the word bank if necessary. Use the Reset Game button to play multiple times. Try to get it done in under 30 seconds. Good luck!

Note: The game is designed to be played on a desktop. Feel free to shrink the game by “Control” + “” is that helps you have more room to drag and drop easier.

Drag words to the correct spots







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