Easter Stained Glass Cross Craft

Children will think about the true significance of Easter by making this easy to do Easter Stained Glass craft. The final product is beautiful and can be hung in a window for many, many years.

All that is needed for this Easter craft are some overhead projector film sheets and some permanent markers. Many schools have some leftover overhead transparency film in supply closets from back in the hay day of overhead projectors. If not , you can buy a package of 50 to 100 sheets that will typically break down to less than 17 cents a sheet.

If the children are in grade 4 or higher, the cross can be drawn free-hand. Otherwise a better alternative for younger kids is to provide a printed cross for tracing. Below you will find a cross template for fast production of cross templates. Plan at least 30 to 45 min for completion of this activity.

Some Examples for Stained Glass Wording

When you demo the craft, solicit from your class various Easter phrases to be written above and below the cross. Write their ideas on the white board to lessen the chance of misspellings.

If your class is having a hard time coming up with a caption for the stained glass cross, below are some examples of wordings that you can give as examples to the class.

  • “Jesus is Risen”
  • “Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia”
  • “Let Us Rejoice”
  • “Thank You Jesus”
  • “Happy Easter”
  • “Your Love Overcame the Cross”
  • “What a Radiant and Magnificent Resurrection”


  • 1 transparency sheet (100 sheets for $17 deals can be found online or buy at an office supply store)
  • Permanent markers
  • Cross template for tracing on top of (optional; print one template per student)
  • Paper to put behind the film when coloring (optional)
Cross template to use for tracing if desired. Print one template per 2 steudents and cut in half.


Step 1: Put the cross template behind the transparency and trace. If you have older students, ask them to draw the cross free-hand.
Step 2: Divide the cross into small sections by drawing small black lines. Write Easter wording above and below the cross.
Step 3: Fill in small cross shapes with a variety of colors.
Step 4: Admire the finished cross.
Easter Stained Glass craft supplies and technique
  1. Pass out transparency films and a black permanent marker.
  2. Provide a cross shape to trace with the black marker if you would like them to trace a cross. Otherwise have them draw one free hand.
  3. Have them write Easter wording above and below the cross.
  4. Ask them to divide the cross into small stainless sections by dividing the cross with small black lines.
  5. Once the cross is sectioned, provide a full set of colored markers to fill in with various colors.

Places to Display Them:

Easter Stained Glass craft showing cross hung in a window

Windows make a great spot for displaying. Simply use a piece of clear tape to attach to window. If you are at a school, wouldn’t they look nice covering the windows? A great memory is when I went into a classroom after a 3rd grade class had done the activity, A few of the kids had added their stained glass cross craft to the window.

If you would like to hang them from a ceiling, punch a hole in the top and then tie a piece of string through the hole.

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