Confirmation Program Opening Night Prayer

Confirmation Program Opening Night Prayer for kickoff

Use this prayer to reflectively kick off opening night of your confirmation program. The words prayerfully bring forward all the concerns that the candidates are experiencing in the start of a new life experience. The prayer asks God to draw forward the gifts of the Holy Spirt for guidance on this sacramental journey.

The prayer is designed to work well for both a small group setting and for a large group setting. Feel free to either print the handout for paper distribution or to use the Google slide presentation with a projector. As a way to engage full participation, the prayer is split into pieces for all, women and men.

Printable Handout of Prayer

Print this half page pdf handout of the prayer for use.

Confirmation Opening Night Prayer for kickoff

Google Slide Presentation of Prayer

Use this Google slide presentation to project the prayer. Make sure you click to Slide 2 for the second slide of the prayer.

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