St. Paul’s Conversion Catechism Activity

Students need to be familiar with the story of St. Paul (Saul) and his conversion. The story is so rich and so powerful. His enormous conversion on the road to Damascus teaches that it is never too late for us to discover our wrong doings and change for the better. We are all called to see God in life-changing moments that happen. God saves us all.

In this St. Paul’s conversion activity, students are challenged to see if they can order the events of the story. After giving each student or pair of students a bag of story strips, ask them to order them in the correct order. They will know they are successful, if the special showcased letter from each strip spells the word “CONVERSION.” This activity emphases the main point that Saul experienced a complete conversion or transformation in his life.

St. Paul’s Conversion Story Strip Free Printable


  1. Print Story Strip Activity pdf (1 copy per 2 students) on letter sized paper.
  2. Cut the slips apart and place each set of strips in separate envelopes.
  3. Pass out envelopes to students (1 per 2 students) and ask them to put the strips in correct order.  Tell them that once the strips are in correct order a special word is spelled out by the showcased letter that is uppercase and in bold.


Review St. Paul’s missionary work and Bible epistle writing by going through the Google slides reviewing work in the lesson on Creating a Well-Equipped Christian (Armor of God) Lesson.

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